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See Us On the Water??

Whether you're on a dock, land, or boat we can come to you!! Wave an arm, noodle, towel, do a little dance, yell Chunky Dunky, in other words, grab our attention! We'll come on over with your ice cream!! 

On a boat??

We don't want anyone getting hurt over ice cream. Once you see us coming to you, slow down and wait for us to come to you. We may give you directions once we get closer. We don't need to tie off, we have a net we can use to transfer items.

What forms of tender do you accept?

We accept cash, all major credit cards & Cash App

How do we know where you are?

We can keep it old school and you can call or text us at 207-739-9370

If you like a digital way, you can find our current real time location on the Where's the Food Truck App. 

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